Terms and Conditions for Paragliding Courses

By inquiring about a course, including the following means of communication but not limited to, through zionparagliding.com, email, Facebook, any other social media channel, phone, whatsapp or verbally, the person inquiring on behalf of the student or the student agrees to the terms and conditions set out below. Additionally, booking, payment (deposit or in full) and/or participation of any paragliding course by anyone on behalf of the student or the student, agrees to the terms and conditions set out below.

Cancellation and postponement

1.1 Reference to paragliding courses, refers to any tuition and training undertaken by the student with the Zion Paragliding School, be it a beginner course, advanced course of private tuition.

1.2 Paragliding courses run on the dates as advertised online. Due to the nature of paragliding, courses can be subject to change starting date should the weather conditions not be suffice for the level of flying or training required. In this case, the same amount of days of the course will be taught and accommodated by Zion Paragliding on the following successive days from the start date.

1.3 Should a day during the course not be flyable or safe for training due to weather conditions, Zion Paragliding reserve the right to cancel the days flying and training and extend the course by an additional day. In such a case this will run for up to 3 cancelled days, extending the course by no more than a total of 3 days.

1.4 In the case of private tuition, any day of private tuition can be postponed and rearranged as seen fit as a result of weather conditions on a case by case basis.

1.5 A cancelled day of tuition, flying or training must be notified to students by Zion Paragliding before the start of that days tuition. Zion Paragliding seeks to fly for as long as possible in a single day of tuition, if weather conditions do not allow for the full day to be completed but that days tuition has already started, the day will count towards one of the days of the course. In such a case, theoretical tuition is often given as a substitute to practical.

Payments and Refunds (Tuition and Courses)

2.1 Payment of the course is expected in full, 2 weeks prior to the course start date. Failure to pay on time may lead to you, the student’s place on the course being cancelled and given to any person on the waiting list for the course. Booking to join a course within the 2 week payment period, requires payment in full at the time of booking.  A deposit of 20% may be requested by Zion Paragliding to secure a space on the course, if the booking is made more than 2 weeks in advance. Payment of private tuition is subject to the agreement made between Zion Paragliding and the student.

2.2 Zion paragliding reserve the right to request payments in cash, cheque or by bank transfer as their preferred payment method.

2.3 Cancellation and refund of the course by the student must be requested by email. If the cancellation is made 2 weeks prior to the start date and only the deposit has been paid, then refund of the deposit is at the discretion of Zion Paragliding. Cancellations made anytime after 2 weeks before the start are not valid for a refund. In such a case, Zion Paragliding will endeavor to ensure that an available course at a later date is available to the student to participate but cannot guarantee.

2.4 Cancellation of private tuition is subject to the agreement made between Zion Paragliding and the student and taken on a case by case basis.

2.5 Cancellation or abandonment of the course in full or in part by the student once the course has commenced, due to any reason, including but not limited to, personal injury (whether endured prior to the course as an existing condition or during the undertaking of the course), course satisfaction or any other reason from the student, do not qualify for a refund of any amount. Zion Paragliding reserve the right to refuse students to continue the same course should more than 2 days be missed. On a case by case basis Zion Paragliding may allow for the student to continue a course on the next available course date.

Payments and Refunds (Gin Products)

2.6 Orders for Gin products are payable by bank wire transfer to Zion Paragliding. Fees for all transfers are required to be paid by the sender. If any amount is missing from the order total, the order will not be processed until the total amount is paid.

2.7 Zion Paragliding does not offer refunds on any paragliding equipment.

2.8 In the case of equipment having a manufacturing fault, the policy of Gin Gliders prevails and Zion Paragliding will communicate with Gin in this instance to find the solution. Zion Paragliding will require high quality photographs clearly showing any faulty parts in order to check the faults in accordance with Gin Gliders.

Safety and Responsibility

3.1 It is the students responsibility to ensure they are physically fit enough to undertake a course at any level.

3.2 Due to the nature of paragliding, all activity in the course is taken at the own risk of the student. Whilst, Zion Paragliding endeavors to give accurate instruction at all time, the student still assumes all responsibility for any incident, whether it is a fault of the instructors tuition or the students own judgement.

3.3 Zion Paragliding does not provide students with insurance, it is highly recommended to buy personal insurance for Paragliding.