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  • Rich Schlink

    As a professional airplane flight instructor and pilot I approach paragliding from a different perspective than most. I came to Zion to take my paragliding skill-set to the next level. It was phenomenal what I achieved in such a short period of time! Zion and Beth are caring conscientious people that make you feel welcome the moment you meet them. Zion has an uncanny ability to read the sky, probably because flying paragliders comes natural to him. In my 30 years of flying I can tell you this is a rare talent among pilots. His instruction will allow you to achieve a level you never thought possible. Zion and Beth are a rare combination of passion, talent, and expertise rarely found in aviation let alone paragliding. Together they have created something special in paragliding you have to experience. If you want to dust off your rusty skills, enjoy an awe-inspiring tandem flight, or take your paragliding skills to a level you didn’t think possible, you absolutely need to go fly with them. I travelled thousands of miles to Costa Rica and left with a life changing experience in paragliding. I will definitely be back soon. You will be amazed at your experience!

  • Dan

    My wife and I each went for a tandem flight with Zion. He knows the air here, and how to fly it well. A passionate professional is an understatement. It’s not a big commercial operation, much to it’s advantage, allowing great flexibility and personal attention. If you’re in Costa Rica, fly with Zion!

  • Zetske

    After a tandem flight with Zion, over the amazing landscape of Dominical I’ve decided to become a pilot so that I can discover places with a view from above.

    Soon after I’ve started with my beginners course and with great instruction and guidance from Zion, I’ve done my first solo flight on the second day.

    With Zion being extremely passionate about his “job”, he loves to teach and will go the extra mile to assure that his students will learn the most possible in a short period of time. Zion is very patient, skillful and responsible.

    It was a pleasure learning from Zion. Flying is addictive – I cant wait for my next Paraglide adventure!

  • Thomas Scholtz

    Zion is extremely passionate about flying and anyone that has such enthusiasm for what they do is bound to be good at it! Unfortunately I only had 4 days to train with him, but non the less I was up and flying with my longest soaring time of 1 hour 30mins. In total I managed to get close to 5 hours air time in 4 days, which I don’t think you can get with any other paraglide schools. The only thing I regret is not being able to do the full 9 day course. Keep up the good work man, 10/10!

  • Mary

    Amazing experience very professional highly recommend this lovely man .
    I was initially nervous so supportive one of the greatest experience I have had !!!!

  • Carla Douros

    I was so pleased with my tandem flight!
    Zion was so skilled that the take off and landing were flawless. And the view of The Pacific coast line was breathtaking.
    Zion’s love of flying was infectious, and his expertise let me know that I was in good hands. I highly recommend Zion to everyone interested in a wonderful experience floating through the air!

  • Steven

    La mejor compañía de el país para volar ! Super recomendada! Tanto para volar tándem como para aprender a volar por sí solo! Los mejores instructores! Vamos a volaaaar, no se pierdan la mejor experiencia de sus vidas

  • Beth

    I learnt to fly with Zion in Iquique and after the 9 days I was flying on my own with more confidence than I could imagine. If you want to learn to fly, then Zion is super talented and dedicated to his students

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